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Which Type of Wallpaper is Best For Living Room Designs?




Whether it’s a single feature wall or all four walls, wallpaper is a stylish option for living room designs. To maintain their appearance, regularly clean wallpapers with a dry duster or wet cloth as per the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Light wallpaper colours and delicate patterns make small living rooms look larger. They are perfect for the botanical trend, nature look, tropical oases or coquettish romanticism.


When choosing your living room wallpaper, consider what you want the space to feel like. For example, if you want it to be a cozy cocoon, choose a light color or natural texture. If you want it to be a social hub, a bold geometric or floral design may work.

For a more sophisticated style, try a wood-effect pattern which adds warmth and texture to rooms. It also complements many colors and can be combined with a co-ordinating or contrasting treatment on woodwork, says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene.

Another option is to use a pattern wallpaper as a feature wall in the living room. This can be particularly effective if you paper the wall behind a sofa, for example. Or you could paper three adjacent walls with the same design to create a unified look. The Yellow Circular Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural above is a gorgeous example of this trend, with the traditional flower blooms and bird prints adding a fresh twist to any modern interior.


There are many patterns that you can use for wallpaper, so choose a design that matches your furniture and the overall style of the space. The right pattern can make your living room feel fresh and exciting.

Floral designs are a popular choice for living rooms. They add a touch of whimsy and can work well with both traditional and modern furniture.

Other popular patterns include geometric shapes and textured textures like brick or stone. You can also find wallpapers that feature the look of wood paneling, which is perfect for cottage-style living rooms. For more info, do visit this website wallpaper singapore.

For family living rooms, washable wallpapers with a sealed or coated surface (non-woven or vinyl) are best. These can hide minor imperfections on the wall and are easy to clean. They require manual dexterity to install, though. They also cost more than paint. But, they can give you a more luxurious and stylish look than painting can. They are also great for hiding scuffs and scratches on furniture.


The type of texture you choose for your living room wallpaper will affect its overall appearance. For example, animal print wallpaper will exude a wild sense of style while grasscloth wallpaper will give your room a layered look. You can also opt for a mixed-texture wallpaper, which blends rough textures with smooth ones. Textured wallpapers can also be a great option if you want to make your room feel warm and cozy.

When choosing a texture, consider how the wallpaper will coordinate with the furniture in your room. This is particularly important if the living room doubles as an office or bedroom. You should also think about how easy it will be to clean the wallpaper. If you have children, for instance, you may want to opt for a vinyl-coated wallpaper that is easily washable and scrubbable.

Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you can use it to create a feature wall or paper all four walls of your living room. A feature wall is a good option if the wallpaper has a dominant pattern and you want to add a splash of color to the space.


Wallpaper is a great choice for a living room, especially for those who want to stamp their own style on a space without the commitment that comes with paint. There are plenty of styles that are wipe-clean and easy to maintain, whether you opt for a modern stripe or a transitional texture. Textured wallpapers feel like 3D art and are very eye-catching; they come in rough textures, smooth ones, and mixed ones. Some are reflective, bouncing more light around the space, which is perfect for dark rooms.

If you’re worried about cleaning, look for wallpapers with a sealed or coated surface. Those that are vinyl, woven polyester or a hybrid of natural and synthetic fibers allow walls to breathe while resisting moisture. Be sure to test a small area of your wallpaper before washing it with a sponge or cleaning cloth to avoid color bleeds or water saturation. Dust regularly with a microfiber duster or vacuum with the upholstery brush attachment to remove loose dirt and cobwebs.


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